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*** SCARA - POB 121 - Linwood, NJ 08221 ***

Club Meeting Notice

Our club meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month (except in the month of January) at 7:30 PM at the Canale Training Center, 5033 English Creek Ave, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234. Please plan to attend if you are available. Outgoing QSL cards for the ARRL DX Buro will be collected at February, May, August, and November meetings by Vince W2KU. You must be a member of SCARA and the ARRL for our club to provide this service. Click here For more information.

If you'd like to get together to socialize while having supper before the monthly meeting, come to Primo's Pizza about 6:15 PM on the 2nd Thursday of the month, at the intersection of Ocean Heights Ave and English Creek Ave. There is plenty of indoor seating and we may easily move tables together.
Their terrific menu is online at:
Be sure you call the Egg Harbor Township location at - 609-601-9990 if you would like to pre-order.

See you there.

Special Notice!


Southern Counties Amateur Radio Association conducts monthly ARRL VE test sessions for amateur radio licensing at the Tony Canale Training Center in Egg Harbor Township. If you pass your exam for a Tech, General or Extra license and attend our next regularly scheduled club meeting you will be given a free handheld ham radio. In order to receive the radio, you must pass your license test at one of our SCARA (ARRL VE) sessions at the Canale Center and attend our next regular club meeting. This offer will continue while supplies last. The offer is limited to a total award of one radio only per person regardless of number of testing sessions and number of tests/upgrades taken and passed.
To register for a test session contact Larry KB2MN VE Liaison,, 609-287-5340.

**Click here for SCARA Information Brochure**


Annual Dues - $20.00 (family $25.00)
Please pay at next meeting or send a check to: SCARA, PO Box 121, Linwood, NJ 08221.

Join SCARA! Click here for printable application / renewal form.

Club Repeaters

VHF: 146.745 MHz -.600 MHz offset - PL 146.2 Hz
UHF: 448.775 MHz -5.000 MHz offset - PL 146.2 Hz
Location: Tony Canale Training Center in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

View our Repeater Information page to learn more about our repeaters.



SCARA holds a breakfast net most days of the week on the K2BR VHF/UHF linked repeaters at 9:00 AM. There will usually be a topic of discussion. It is a great way to stay in touch with local amateurs. Please check in if you are available.

SCARA runs the following nets every Monday night starting at 7 PM, on our VHF repeater. The frequency is 146.745 MHz (-) PL 146.2 Hz. Membership in SCARA is not required to participate in these nets.

7:00 PM: AUXCOM (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) practice net.
Following AUXCOM Net: SkyWarn practice net.
Following SkyWarn net (or at time annouced at the end of the SkyWarn Net): SCARA K.I.S.S. Net (Keep it Simple and Swap Net) A formal net with the intent of helping hams with problems they are having, sharing information, and listing "for sale " items. We will usually have a radio trivia question and perhaps a topic of discussion.

ARRL Audio News

Listen in every weekend on Saturday morning at 8:40 AM for the ARRL Audio News. The broadcast can be heard on our club VHF repeater K2BR on 146.745MHz. Following the transmission, the saturday morning version of the breakfast net will begin at 9:00 AM.

View our Repeater Programs page to learn more about our nets and programs on the repeater.


SCARA runs an HF net on the third Sunday of every month at 10:00 A.M. Eastern time on 3.928 MHz + or - QRM. Our first net was held on March 17, 2002. Over the years, we have logged many contacts on the net. All licensed amateurs with operating priviledges on the net frequency are welcome to join us. The club call sign is used by the net control station and QSL cards from K2BR are available. We are looking for volunteers to be net control operators. Contact Larry, KB2MN, if you would like to be NCS for one month or more.

Club officers for 2023

President- Bill Schwoer KC2AAY
Vice Pres.- Bill Paulus KD2EOY
Treasurer- Bob Webb WA2YSA
Secretary- Dennis Emerick KD2JJF

Board of Directors for 2023

David Larcombe KD2KVZ (retired President)
Art Masker K2AUX
Marie Masker KD2BAQ
Larry Schall KB2MN
Diann Gentile KD2BND
Geoffrey Gentile KD2BJX

Service Positions for 2023

Newsletter Editor: (Open)
Internet Website: Larry KB2MN
VE Liaison: Larry Schall KB2MN
Club Trustee (K2BR): Bill Schwoer KC2AAY
Sunshine: Bob Webb WA2YSA
Field Day: TBD
Refreshments: TBD
Repeater: Bill KC2AAY, Jason KD2QED, Bill Paulus KD2EOY
Youth Committee: (open)
Out Going QSL Cards Mgr: Vince Alvino W2KU
FaceBook: Bill Paulus KD2EOY, Vince Alvino W2KU

SCARA on the Web

FaceBook: "Southern Counties Amateur Radio Association - K2BR"


SCARA is active in various events throughout the year. Helping as a public service with communications at various events has been a strong point for our club. We have worked some of these events in conjunction with other radio clubs.

Field day is a big event for us. Over the years, it has provided the opportunity for experienced members ("Elmers") to pass on knowledge and operating expertise to those new in the hobby. Horizons have been opened as new modes and methods are explored. The old and the new blend together. Whatever your interests are, or your experience level is, there is a place for you at Field Day. Give it a try next year. All are welcome.

Our club has been active during the National and International Amateur Radio Lighthouse-Lightship Weekends in August. Using our club call-sign (K2BR), we have operated from the Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City, New Jersey, putting it "on the air" for the first time in 40 years! Click here for more information about ARLHS (Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society).

To sum things up, Public Service and promoting Amateur Radio is what our club has been doing for a long time. Along the way, many fond memories have been created. Hopefully, some of these memories will be revisited on the pages of this website.

Last Updated... Septemer 9, 2023