SCARA Repeater Information

Club Repeaters

VHF: 146.745 MHz -.600 MHz offset - PL 146.2 Hz
UHF: 448.775 MHz -5.000 MHz offset - PL 146.2 Hz
Location: Tony Canale Training Center in Egg Harbor Township, NJ
VHF & UHF Repeaters are linked during meetings and nets

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SCARA is on Allstar and Echolink!

Allstar and Echolink enables our club members to connect to our repeaters from anywhere!
Please ensure you are not linked to any other nodes or systems prior to connecting.

VHF Repeater

SCARA provides private access to the VHF repeater via a full-time transceive link over Echolink and Allstar.
You must be an active club member and on the access list to connect. To apply for access, please email: scara at

Our VHF EchoLink node is #553401 or find us under Area 2: "K2BR-R Egg Harbor Twp, NJ".
Our VHF Allstar node number is 50420.

UHF Repeater

The UHF repeater is also on Allstar and does not require membership or enrollment. Echolink is not provided.

Our UHF Allstar node number is 53209.

Echolink Access List

Name Call
Jason Schollenberger KD2QED
David Larcombe KD2KVZ
Bill Schwoer KC2AAY
Larry Schall KB2MN
Art Masker K2AUX
John Nemchick KD2BSK
Sal Emma KB2DMU
Bob McFadden AC2KU
Vince Alvino W2KU
Bill Paulus KD2EOY
Bob Nicotera KB2ERL
Robert Swayne K3NIE
Robert Pantazes W2ARP
Frank Murray KB2TNH
Steve Hensley KC3EUU

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Allstar Access List

Name Call Node Number(s)
Jason Schollenberger KD2QED 51205, 526450
David Larcombe KD2KVZ 45323, 47030
Al Womelsdorf KD2PNR 50719
Vince Alvino W2KU 52281
Bill Paulus KD2EOY 526080, 526081, 526082, 526083, 52668
Bill Paulus Sr W2MWI 528840, 528841, 528842
Dan Bowers N1DSB 40188, 40230
Sal Emma KB2DMU 53629

Current VHF Allstar Connections

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Current UHF Allstar Connections

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Last Updated... December 27, 2020