SCARA Repeater Programs

Our UHF repeater is automatically linked to other repeaters and nodes to provide programs for our club members.
There is no access list and anyone can connect.

The repeater will announce when it is connecting and disconnecting from other nodes.
We're always looking to add new programs to our repeater. To suggest one, please email: scara at

The schedule is as follows:
Net Day Time
SCARA Breakfast Net Mon-Sat 09:00-11:00 Eastern
Raspberry Pi/Allstar Net Sunday 17:00-20:00 Eastern
AUXCOM / Skywarn / KISS Net Monday 19:00-22:30 Eastern
ARRL Audio News
*Also on VHF
Saturday 08:40-08:55 Eastern

Note: The repeater is automatically unlinked after 3 minutes of inactivity.

Current Allstar Status

Last Updated... March 25, 2024