K2BR former Special Event Station for the Miss America Pageant

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Miss America 2005 Deidre Downs

Miss America 2005!
Deidre Downs

For many years our club ran a special event radio station in Atlantic City, New Jersey during the Miss America Pageant. Amateur stations from around the country and the world would work K2BR during pageant week to receive a special QSL card which would have a picture of the current Miss America on the front of it. The pageant was moved to Las Vegas for the crowning of Miss America 2006. If the competition should ever return to Atlantic City, we will be willing and able to once again set up a station for the pageant.

Pictures from the the past
of our activities during Pageant week

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K3QC, Miss Florida & WA2YL Putting up the Antennas Miss Hawaii holding..? N2ANG, K3QC & WA2YSA
WA2YSA on the ground crew N2CYL & KJ2N Looking back at our old antenna site from our new location N2WRD & N2HWK on the roof
Jack - K3IHA K3IHA working the parade Working the station N2HWK & N2WRD on the roof 2002
W2OB & WA2YL making equipment repairs The club's R7 Vertical secured to a railing on the  roof Part of take down crew 2004 - WA2YSA, WA2YL, K3QC, N2ANG, W2ARP & K3IHA


Miss America 2004 Ericka Dunlap Erika Harold Miss America 2003
Katie Harman Miss America 2002 Angela Perez Baraquio Miss America 2001


Miss America Special Event Station Nostalgia
1972 - 1984

Here are some additional pictures and information about SCARA's participation in the Miss America Pageant in the 1970s & 1980s. The club ran the Miss America Special Event amateur radio station for many years and also helped provide communications support for the Miss America Parade on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. These QSL cards and files were given to the club by the family of Anthony J. Butterhof N2NJ (SK) formerly K2JOX. Click on the pictures for a larger image.

N2NJ Miss America Volunteer Badge N2NJ QSL Card N2NJ QSL Card (back)

Pageant Winners

1972 Laurel Lea Schaefer 1973 Terry Anne Meeuwsen 1974 Rebecca Ann King
1975 Shirley Cothran 1976 Tawny Elaine Godin 1977 Dorothy Kathleen Benham
1979 Kylene Barker 1981 Susan Powell 1984 Vanessa Williams

It is interesting to note that various special call-signs, issued by the FCC for the event were used.

1972-1973 WX2MAP
1974 WP2MAP
1975 WQ2MAP
1976 KO2MAP
1977 NJ2MAP
1979 K2BR

Here is a link to a report about Miss America Special Event Station operations 1975.

1975 Miss America SE Ops

Although I don't know for certain, I suspect that from 1979 and forward the call sign was K2BR. The Official Miss America picture was used for the front of the QSL cards. It was not unusual to have 800 or more HF contacts during Pageant week and at that time, all logging was done on paper. Club members would volunteer to help with sending the QSL cards out after verifying the contact as "good" in the logbook. The stations worked were responsible for sending an S.A.S.E. to the SCARA mailbox.


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