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The club's Field Day operation this year was held at the Tony Canale Training Center also known as the Atlantic County EOC (Emergency Operations Center). We operated Class 3F from ARRL section SNJ (Southern New Jersey). Some of our members operated from home using their personal call-sign(s). Under the current ARRL rules, those who operated from home could also designate their scores to go to the radio club of their choice to produce an aggregate score for the club. This in no way affects their FD score for their own home operation. Here are the results for SCARA's activities at the Canale Training Center for Field Day 2023:





Contact Pts = 2 x 226 + 1 x 102 + 2 x 266 = 1086
Our Power multiplier is 2. Therefore: 2 x 1086 = 2172 Contact Pts

Bonus Points:

100% Emergency Power (3 transmitters) 300
Media Publicity 100
Public location 100
Public Information Table 100
W1AW Bulletin 100
Natural power QSOs 100
Site visit by invited served agency (Red Cross) 100
Social Media 100
Web Submission 50
Total 1050

Club claimed score 3222

Stations who operated from home, or somewhere other than the EOC, who contibuted to the club's aggregate score, may have their contact totals listed on this webpage. Simply email me with your details including station call-sign and call-signs of all operators involved, Class, ARRL section and number of contacts by mode. The mode designations are CW, DIG and PH. SCARA will be known as "Southern Counties ARA." in the ARRL Field Day report in the December 2023 QST. Here are the results from our members that have been sent to the website editor as of the date shown at the bottom of this page. To send your info, the address is

SCARA Field Day 2023 Aggregate Score


Call Class CW DIG PH Contacts Score
KD2JJF 1E 71 71 292
KB2MN/N2ANG 1D 200 22 222 994
KC2OUV 1E 200 20 220 990
K2BR 3F 226 102 266 594 3222
Totals 426 302 379 1107 5498

Last Updated... November 15, 2023, 0030 UTC
Till next year... 73's KB2MN