SCARA Field Day 2019 Club Station K2BR



The Field Day operation this year was a joint effort with Southern Counties ARA & Shore Points ARC. We operated from the Canale Training Center on English Creek Ave. in Egg Harbor Township. There were approximately 40 members and guests who attended the event. Thanks to everyone who assisted before, during and after Field Day.

The Field Day committee Chairpersons were, Sal, KB2DMU and Art K2AUX. Additional support was provided by Dave KD2KVZ and Bill KC2AAY. Dave KD2KVZ, reported that Bob AC2KU, was a big help during setup and breakdown of the beam antenna. He also complimented Bob WA2YSA, who according to the logbook, put in about 14 hours at the CW station with the other 10 hours being covered by Arnie W2OB and Larry KB2MN. Kudos were also earned By Jason KD2QED, Tim KD2EGR, Jeff TI2JCC and Mike AC2RK, who setup and operated our digital station, turning in a new record performance using the FT8 mode. The phone stations were operated by Dennis KD2JJF, Art K2AUX, Nancy N2ANG, Rick KC2ESD, Sal KB2DMU, Dave K2DKN, Vince W2KU, Barry N2FSG, Ken KN2J, and John W2JDT. The 6 Meter station was operated by Tom AB2KP and the Satellite station was operated by Jeff KB2M.

The public information table was manned by Bill KC2ONQ and others. Marie KD2BAQ, procured the food for Field Day and managed the kitchen serving and preparing Field Day treats with help from Christine K2CTW, and others. Additional food items were supplied by members and spouses.

Here are the raw numbers before adding any bonus points:
There were 731 contacts made (last year 731 contacts!) with the breakdown as follows:

DIGITAL 272 (last year 116)

CW 253 (last year 238)

PHONE 206 (last year 377)

We operated 5F from SNJ with a power multiplier of 2 because all contacts were made using less than 150 watts. CW and digital contacts count for 2 pts. each. Phone contacts are worth 1 pt. each. Therefore our total QSO pts. equal (2 x 272) +(2 x 253) + 206 = 1256. Multiplying 1256 x 2 (our power multiplier) = our claimed score of 2512 (last year 2170). To this value we add bonus points for 100% emergency power (500 pts.), set-up in public place (100 pts.), information booth (100 pts.), site visit by invited served agency official (100 pts.), site visit by elected government official (100 pts.) W1AW FD message copied (100 pts.), Satellite contacts completed (100 pts.), Alternate power(solar)contacts - 5 (100 pts.), Media Publicity attempted (100 pts), Event posted on social media - FaceBook (100 pts.) and FD entry submitted via the web (50 pts.). This raises our claimed score to 3962 (last year 3320).

FD Pictures taken by Bob, WA2YSA
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Last Updated... July 18, 2019, 0030 UTC
Till next year... 73's KB2MN