SCARA Awards Meeting Febuary 9, 2023

Our Awards Meeting was held at the Canale Training Center, on Friday, February 9, 2023.
There were 28 members and guests present at the event.

Pictures taken by Bob, WA2YSA
SCARA Awards and Meeting February 9, 2023
2022 Service Awards
KD2APB Tom Grentz Sr.: For his contributions toward and procurement of refreshments at SCARA general meetings.
KD2UVR Tom Grentz Jr.: For his participation in club events and filling in as net controller on the Monday night KISS nets.
KD2BND Diann Gentile: For her generosity and help in developing plans to increase club membership and meeting
attendance in addition to her service as a board member.

KD2JBX Geoffrey Gentile: For his technical assistance with our repeater system and his service as a board member
N2MHO Mike Harla: For his service on many occasions as our go-to standby Volunteer Examiner.

2022 VE Team Members
W2KU Vince Alvino, K2CTW Christine Meighan,
WA2YSA Bob Webb, N2ANG Nancy Jarrín,
KD2QED Jason Schollenberger, W2JDT John Tamuts,
N2MHO Mike Harla, KB2MN Larry Schall

2023 Officers
President: Bill Schwoer KC2AAY
Vice President: Bill Paulus KD2EOY
Treasurer: Robert Webb WA2YSA
Secretary: Dennis Emerick KD2JJF

2023 Board of Directors
Dave Larcombe KD2KVZ (retiring President)
Art Masker K2AUX, Marie Masker KD2BAQ
Diann Gentile KD2BND, Geoffrey Gentile KD2BJX
Larry Schall KB2MN

2022 Silent Keys

Robert F. Nicotera: KB2ERL
Jerome M. Greenberg: W2ZMU
Dante A. Vergulti: N2YVI
Joseph Zona: N2AMI:
Thomas O. McNally: W2DOX (was WB2DRD)
Arnaldo de Jesús Coro Antich (Arnie Coro: CO2KK

2022 Club Activities

Club Dinner
9:00am Morning Nets 6 days a week
7:00pm Monday Night Nets
HF Nets
First Thursday of every month VE Testing
CQ Hungry Ham Before the club meeting
Club Meeting Second Thursday every month
Field Day
Earth Day
Support for the MS-150 Bike-a-thon
Lighthouse Weekend Events

Amateur of the Year 2022

Jason KD2QED & Bill KC2AAY Dennis KD2JJF & Mary Ellen

Jason A. Schollenberger KD2QED, Amateur of the year 2021,
presented the Amateur of the Year award to our 2022 honoree
Dennis Emerick KD2JJF

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