SCARA Annual Dinner January 21, 2022

Our annual dinner was held at the Crab Trap Restaurant in Somers Point, on Friday, January 21, 2022.
There were 18 members and guests present at the event.

Pictures taken by Bob, WA2YSA
SCARA Annual Dinner January 21, 2022
2021 Service Awards
Marie Masker KD2BAQ
Salvatore Emma KB2DMU
Bill Paulus KD2EOY
Robert F. Nicotera KB2ERL(SK)

2021 VE Team Members
John Barbieri K2JGB, Vince Alvino W2KU, Christine Meighan K2CTW,
Oliver Twist KB2YVY, John Tamuts W2JDT, Jason Schollenberger KD2QED,
Diann Gentile KD2BND, Geoffrey Gentile KD2BJX, KN2J Ken Novakoff,
Bill Paulus KD2EOY, Bob Webb WA2YSA.
Nancy Jarrín N2ANG and Larry Schall KB2MN

2022 Officers
President: Bill Schwoer KC2AAY
Vice President: Bill Paulus KD2EOY
Treasurer: Robert Webb WA2YSA
Acting Secretary: Larry Schall KB2MN

2022 Board of Directors
Dave Larcombe KD2KVZ (retiring President)
Art Masker K2AUX, Marie Masker KD2BAQ
Diann Gentile KD2BND, Geoffrey Gentile KD2BJX
Dennis Emerick KD2JJF

2021 Silent Keys

Louis A. Milone, Jr: KA2NTT
Urb LeJeune: W1UL
Tom K. Fraser: KC2OUU
Wayne L. Miller: N2EET
Charles E. Taylor: KC2OWO
Kenneth A. Hartley: N2OHD
Barry E. Hovey: N2FSG
Henry Kasper, Sr: K2GAL
Paul V. O'Donnell, Jr: WB2OYC
Robert F. Nicotera: KB2ERL (2022)

Amateur of the Year 2021

David Larcombe KD2KVZ, Amateur of the year 2020,
presented the Amateur of the Year award to our 2021 honoree Jason A. Schollenberger KD2QED.

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