SCARA Awards Meeting January 14, 2021

Our annual dinner was not held this year due to the ongoing pandemic. However, a Member Appreciation & Awards Net was held on January 14, 2021 on our club repeater system and Google Meets. There were at least 16 members who checked in. A list of service award recipients, silent keys, officers and board members for 2021 are shown below. Silent Keys were remembered and eulogized.
Our club President Dave KD2KVZ, asked for comments about what we wanted the club to focus on in 2021. Members gave their comments and suggestions on the subject. Well deserved accolades were spoken about all those members who stepped up in 2020 to participate in club activities. There was quite a discussion about the Breakfast Net and how it has grown in popularity over time. Also mentioned was the excellent job the repeater committee, lead by Jason KD2QED and Bill KC2AAY, had done during the year. The new repeaters were interfaced with our SCOM 7330 controller which added much more flexibility to our repeaters. The problems with linking the VHF and UHF repeaters were solved. Also, AllStar and EchoLink were added. Time and weather announcements were implemented and the ARRL weekly news cast was added set to air every Saturday morning at 8:40 AM. Of course we all lamented the lack of eye-ball QSOs but all in all, amateur radio certainly helped many of us to survive the year 2020 and still retain our sanity.
Near the end of the meeting, the amateur of the year award for 2020 was presented. Congratulations to the winner! A link to the presentation write-up can be found at the bottom of this page.


2020 Service Awards
Tim L. Adams KD2EGR(SK)
With fond memories and in recognition of his service to the club,
his community and his leadership in amateur radio.

Ken Novakoff KN2J NCS for Breakfast Net
John E. Jesperson KD2OHY NCS for Breakfast Net
Alex Calabrese WA2ADS NCS for Breakfast Net
Al Womelsdorf KD2PNR, Board member & service to the club
Nancy Jarrín N2ANG For her many years of service & dedication
to the Amateur of the Year award process.

2021 Officers
President: David Larcombe KD2KVZ
Vice President: Marie Conover KD2BAQ
Acting Secretary: Salvatore Emma KB2DMU
Treasurer: Robert Webb WA2YSA

2021 Board of Directors
Art Masker K2AUX
Jason Schollenberger KD2QED
Tom Hurst AB2KP
Al Womelsdorf KD2PNR
Bill Schwoer KC2AAY

2020 Silent Keys
Frederick W. Cole N2CSA
Steve S. Paul AB2SO
Anthony M. Migliaccio WX2MIG
Carl P. Biggs, III W2CPB
Tim L. Adams KD2EGR
Marvin W. Tyndall WB2VMV
Wayne R. Hackney WB2VMU
Floyd B. Emerick W3TUF

2021 Silent Keys
Louis A. Milone, Jr KA2NTT

Amateur of the Year 2020

Our honoree last year (2019) Bob McFadden AC2KU
Receiving his permanent plaque

AC2KU with his permanent AOY Plaque

The Amateur of the Year Award was originated by John Struckell, Chief Engineer and General Manager of radio station WFPG. In his memory, Southern Counties Amateur Radio Association has continued the presentation of this award, now in its 59th year. The person selected is recognized as outstanding for their efforts and contributions resulting in the furtherance of Amateur Radio and anticipated continued activity. Each year’s honoree is selected by a panel of past recipients based on their personal knowledge of the candidate's radio activities and recommendations from the amateur radio community.

KD2KVZ with AOY Plaque KD2KVZ with AOY Award
AOY Plaque

Nancy N2ANG, presented the Amateur of the Year award to our 2020 honoree
David A. Larcombe, Sr KD2KVZ.

Click here to view AOY Write-up


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